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Ronan's Way

A rare opportunity to access some of the most stunning scenery in the Glens of Antrim on foot. Choose between four walking routes through a truly inspiring landscape featuring the Glendun River, farmland, woodland scrub and peatland for a true taste of the countryside and the famous Glens.  




0.9 - 3.4 miles

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Grass, farm track, muddy in part

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Breath taking views of the Irish countryside and beyond to the Mull of Kintyre.

Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Antrim Coast & Glens

Route Description

All of the walks on Ronan’s Way are located on the McAuley Farm, a stretch of land in memory of Ronan McAuley, a True Glens man who had a dream that more people would explore and enjoy Glendun and the exquisite views of the land that he called home.

Ronan’s Way is located on a working farm so please respect the family property, land and their ability to manage their farm on your visit, as this walk has only been made possible by their generosity.

Beginning at the carpark off the Glendun Rd you will find the trailhead panel and waymarker posts. Choose whichever walk you wish and follow the appropriate waymarkers.  Please note as this is working farmland livestock may be present and the ground is often very mucky underfoot so walking boots are strongly recommended.   A number of stiles are also present along all routes. As the walks are situated within a glen, steep sections are present on all walks however this makes for incredible views across the glen. A couple of benches are situated along the routes so you can sit back and enjoy a moment of contemplation as you spend time admiring the views.

A truly inspiring landscape, the four routes available offer walks for a range of abilities (although all with climbs).

From the carpark choose between the following routes all providing rare access to one of the stunning Nine Glens of Antrim, Glendun.

Green Loop, 0.9 miles - The shortest and lowest, loop this route takes you up to Sevagh House and back down through grassy field along the Glen river.

Yellow Loop, 1.2 miles - This route takes you up a steeper farm track for stunning views before descending to meet the Green Loop and return to the start.

Blue Loop, 2.3 miles – This route takes you up a steeper farm track to Con na gCu and then across to the old ‘Meadow’ of Fear na gCapall and over to Tipan House. 

Red Loop, 3.4 miles – This route allows the more adventurous to go right to the top of the Glen and take in the breath taking views of the Irish countryside and beyond to the Mull of Kintyre in Scotland. 

The diversity of natural habitat (woodland, peatland, farmland and the river) in Glendun means that there is an abundance of wildlife to see.  You may be lucky to spot some of our most impressive mammals such as the otter, fox and pine marten.  There are lots of different bird species including siskins in the woodland, and grouse, skylarks and the occasional curfew higher up the mountain.  There are a number of birds of prey in the skies such as the merlin, hen harrier and buzzard.  There are also lots of wildflowers and insect species throughout the farm.

About Glendun

Glendun is the ‘Glen of the Brown River’, which gets its colour from the peat that has been washed into it upstream.  Although Glendun covers a large area it has a small population, with most of this in the villages of Cushendun and Knocknacarry.  Glenudun is one of the nine glens of Antrim, which were formed during the last ice age when glaciers carved out large U-shaped valleys in the Antrim Plateaur.  It’s fast flowing, cool, clean river is home to Atlantic salmon and trout. The salmon is revered fish in the Gaelic tradition as it holds great wisdom. 

Glendun also has number of fine examples of built heritage including Cushendun Village, Glendun Viaduct and the many old houses and ‘Clachans’ dotted throughout the Glen. 

Getting to the Start (by Public Transport)

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Getting to the Start (by Car)

From Cushendun Caravan Park head along the Glendun Rd passing under the viaduct and continue along the Glendun Rd for approximately 1.5 miles where you will see a concrete bridge crossing into a field with a driveway directly opposite the bridge. Drive over the bridge and the carpark is in this field on the McAuley family farmland. You will see the waymarkers and trailhead panel here to begin your walk.


Dogs are not allowed.


Public toilets, picnic area, playground, and restaurants are available in the nearby village of Cushendun.



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