Bloomfield Greenway

A pleasant walk or cycle along the former Comber railway line starting in East Belfast and ending in Dundonald at the Old Dundoonald Rd.

This walk is now incorporated into the Comber Greenway - a route that extends to Comber.




1.5 (One Way) miles

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15 or Belfast Street Finder

Nearest Town

Holywood Arches Belfast

Route Shape


Route Type

Parkland & Grassland, Urban


Flat tarmaced path up to 3m wide

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Point of Interest

Old railway platforms, embankments

Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Other Area

Route Description

The linear park follows the line of the former Co. Down railway.

From the top of the car park follow the path to the Beersbridge Road. Taking care crossing the road, continue along the path. Although a pipeline was recently laid under this route, the corridor still retains some of its mature character. Re-planted shrubs and trees are becoming well established.

Soon the path passes under the North Road Bridge. The path continues between high embankments towards the Sandown Road. Look out for the remains of the former railway platform and pockets of wildflowers on the banks.

The route then continues to the Old Dundonald Road, Dundonald.

This walk is now incorporated into the Comber Greenway that extends to Comber.

From here the No10 bus can take you back to the starting point.

Getting to the Start (by Public Transport)

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Getting to the Start (by Car)

Parking at Ravenscroft Avenue


Public toilets to rear of Holywood Arches Library. Various cafes at Holywood Arches area.


A Walk in the Park

Publication Availability

Belfast City Council Parks & Cemetries. Tel 028 90662259

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