Top Tips for Summer Walks!


It is important that when you are out walking over the summer months, you take a few extra steps to ensure that you and your group remain safe at all times.

Here the team at Walking In Your Community has put together a list of 7 helpful tips to keep you and your walking group safe in the sun this Summer!

1. Always carry water

When out walking make sure to stay hydrated. Carry bottles of water with you make sure to take light sips throughout the duration of your walk. To make sure you are fully hydrated, why not pop into a local cafe or prepare a picnic and socialise at the end of your walk with your group! 


2. Avoid direct sun light

If possible plan your walk for earlier in the day or late in the evening when it is a little bit cooler! Try to avoid walking in the sun during midday when the sun is at its warmest. 


3. Walk in the shade

A great way to stay cool when out walking is to walk where possible in the shade. Walking in a local forest park would be perfect as the trees provide some shelter and if you are lucky there may be a cool breeze to make your walk more enjoyable on a hot summer’s day. 


4. Don’t forget sun screen

It can be easy to forget but please remember to wear sun screen when out walking.  Not only will you protect your skin from harmful UV rays you will also ensure you won’t have to deal with dodgy sunburn the next day. Remember, even if it’s not sunny you can still get burnt on a cloudy and hazy day so grab your favourite factor before you set off into the great outdoors. 


5. Wear breathable clothing

Picking the right gear to go walking in will make your walks a lot more bearable on a hot day. To stay cool chose light moisture-wicking clothes in light colours to reflect the sunlight. Remember to bring some waterproofs though as Northern Ireland weather can be unpredictable! 


6. Avoid nasty bites

It may also be advisable to bring along some insect repellent. You never know what little critters are lurking about on your walks, so avoid any nasty bites with a little spray or two. 



As I am sure you all know the weather here in Northern Ireland isn’t historically the best during the Summer months so please get outdoors and make the most of your Summer as much as you can! If you are stuck for places to go, please visit for a brilliant list of walking trails and routes across the province.


Photo: David Doyle