Belfast CWLs enhance First Aid skills


A fantastic group of Community Walk Leaders from Belfast completed their Walking In Your Community training by taking part in a Red Cross, Emergency First Aid course in Belfast, Thursday 6th November 2014.

This superb course was held at the Women's Resource and Development Agency and leaders were guided through the steps to help them deal with any emergency situation that may arise when out walking. Topics covered included administering CPR, implementing the recovery position, dealing with choking, shock, breaks and sprains as well as any allergic reactions, cuts and burns. Community Walk Leaders were able to walk away from this course feeling more confident in their role as a Walk Leader and dealing with emergency situations. 

If you are a Community Walk Leader who is yet to receive your First Aid Qualification, please visit the Events and Training page of the Walking In Your Community homepage for a list of courses near you. Alternatively you can also contact Nicola by email at or call 028 903 03930.