Community Walk Leaders Light Up Drum Manor!


A group of eager Community Walk Leaders doned their head torches and waterproof jackets making their way to Drum Manor, Cookstown to take part in the highly anticipared Community Walk Leader Night Walk.

As daylight hours dwindled, Community Walk Leaders were greeted at Drum Manor with hot, homemade stew to keep their energy levels up for the walk ahead. 

With headlamps turned on and maps at the ready, Community Walk Leaders experienced the beauty of Drum Manor at night, picking up ideas on how to implement Night Walks into their own walking groups. With many fun activities planned for throughout the night, Community Walk Leaders were able to interact with one another and were able to get to network with leaders enabling them to set up vital links.

Community Walk Leader Cathal Ferris commented "Excellent night orienteering exercise in Cookstown's Drum Manor Park. Great people working hard to ensure the right people are in place for taking people out walking safely in your local community."

To view some photos from the event, please click here