Canals on Prescription


"Walking will increase your muscle tone, boost metabolism, ease stress, raise energy levels and improve sleep, which combined can also help you lose weight.”The NHS

As well as being a fun place to go for walks with friends and family, getting out on a towpath is packed with health benefits too.

A simple step onto the towpath and you’re a whole world away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The perfect place to take a deep breath, shrug off the noise and enjoy a rejuvenating walk.

It’s a great way to de-stress. It’s also a good way to work off the calories – experts reckon just 30 minutes a day is enough to help you feel fitter.  

Find out more about your nearest Canal (towpath) walk in Northern Ireland:

Lagan Towpath, Co. Down, 11 miles (linear) 

Newry Canal Way, Co. Armagh, 20 miles (linear)

Strabane Towpath, Co. Tyrone, 1.8 miles (linear)

Toome Canal, Co. Antrim, 1.2 miles (circular)

Broad Water, Co. Down, 3 miles (linear

Ask The Doc

Dr Philippa Moreton actively ‘prescribes’ a walk on the local waterway to lower blood pressure and feel better. She even donated money to the Canal & River Trust to help protect the local canal for her patients.

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