Respect for access to open hillside (Livestock / Dogs)


In Northern Ireland, we are fortunate to find many diverse walks close to home. As more and more people visit the outdoors, wildlife and livestock in these areas are being affected. Walkers in Northern Ireland do not have the 'Right to Roam' as is the case in other parts of the UK. Access to open hillside, for designated walking trails, has been granted from landowners, so livestock may be present. 

It is best to give animals a wide berth and divert around them where necessary. As a simple rule of thumb - if the animal moves in response to your presence, you are too close.

Many of these walks are open to dogs. When and where allowed, walkers should check signs and follow the specific dog regulations.before entering areas of open hillside. A good place to start is checking out the dog policy for your chosen walk on

For further information check out Leave no Trace.

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