Adopt a Spot, bust that grot!


Is there an area in your community that could do with a clean up? Are you fed up of unsightly graffiti, litter and dog mess on your doorstep or in your favourite outdoor space? With 96% of Northern Ireland’s outdoorhaving been found to have litter, why not join forces with TIDY Northern Ireland and Adopt a Spot!

The area you choose to Adopt can be anywhere from your local street, a section of beach or local park or even your school grounds. Anywhere you think could do with a bit of TLC can be adopted. Adopters can be anyone, from families, community or youth groups, schools, businesses and sporting associations.

TIDY Northern Ireland will provide a fantastic clean up kit including litter pickers, gloves, travel mugs and much more! If you feel like you need to change your spots, then why not Adopt a Spot!

For more information and to get involved please contact